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Recent Decisions

Criminal Defence Cases Recently Defended by David G. Baker

R. v. H.N 2017

Drug Trafficking Charges – Not Guilty

R v. C.K. 2016

Possession of Child Pornography – Not Guilty

R v. K.W. 2016

Assault Charge – Withdrawn

R. v. D.W. 2016

Aggravated Assault Charge – Withdrawn

R v. C.D. 2016

Drug Trafficking Charges - Stayed

R. v. S.H. 2016

Aggravated Assault - Reduced to Common Assault

R. v. J.G. 2016

Sexual Assault Charge – Reduced Peace Bond

R vs C.D. 2015

Possession of Child Pornography Charges Withdrawn

R vs. A.D. 2015

Criminal Harassment Charges Reduced to Peace Bond

R v. D.M. 2014

Absolute discharge for sexual assault offence. No Criminal Record

R v. K.B. 2014

Sexual assault charges reduced to common assault. Conditional discharge. No criminal record.

R v. W.P 2014

Second degree murder charges reduced to manslaughter. Three year sentence.

R v. R.D. 2014

Dangerous driving charges reduced to Motor Vehicle Act charge.

R v. D.M. 2014

Conditional discharge for credit card fraud

R v. K.G. 2014

Impaired driving charges withdrawn

R vs A.H. 2013

Sexual assault charges withdrawn after preliminary inquiry

R vs T.H. 2013

House arrest for sexual assault offence

R vs P.P. 2013

Second degree murder charges reduced to man slaughter following preliminary inquiry

R vs A.C. 2013

Not guilty of drug trafficking

R vs E.W. 2013

Assault charges withdrawn on day of trial

R vs S.L. 2013

Discharge in rioting case

R vs R.S. 2013

Conditional discharge in Assault With Weapon case

R vs G.Z. 2013

Discharge for sexual assault

R  v  L.P. 2012
Charges withdrawn in Impaired Driving, refusal to provide breath sample case

R  v  E.H. 2012
No Criminal Record imposed in Fraud case

R  v  E.B. 2012
Not Guitly verdict in Drug Trafficking case

R  v  T.S. 2012
Criminal Record avoided in Drug Trafficking case

R  v  D.B. 2012
Assault with a Weapon, charges reduced to Peace Bond

R  v  A.S. 2012
Theft charges dropped, client diverted

R  v  P.A. 2011
Weapons charges withdrawn

R  v  P.D. 2011
No criminal record for dangerous driving

R  v  T.K. 2011
Importing narcotics charges reduced to possession charge. No jail time

R  v  K.B. 2011
Found not guilty of assault

R  v  A.G. 2011
Not guilty of sexual assault

R  v  J.S. 2011
Mischief charge withdrawn

R  v  D.L 2011
Impaired driving and over .08 charges dismissed

R  v  G.M. 2011
Assault causing bodily harm reduced to peace bond. No criminal record

R v E.C. 2010
Assault and threatening charges withdrawn

R v B.R. 2010
Drug possession charges withdrawn

R v A.C. 2010
No criminal record for drug trafficking charge

R v I.K. 2010
Impaired driving charges dismissed

R v B.N. 2010
Over .08 and impaired driving charges dismissed

R v S.S. 2009
Drug trafficking charges reduced to simple possession

R v B.C. 2009
Assault with weapon charge withdrawn

R v A.C. 2009
Kidnapping charge withdrawn. Lenient sentence on lesser charges.

R v M.R. 2009
Soliciting prostitute charge withdrawn

R v H.C. 2009
Not guilty of driving with blood alcohol over .08

R v K.A. 2008
Court rules not guilty of impaired driving and over .08 charges

R v A.L. 2008
Charges of impaired driving withdrawn

R v S.G. 2008
Jail sentence avoided after large cocaine seizure

R v J.L. 2008
Prosecutor agrees not to lay charges in grow-op case

R v M.A. 2008
Serious assault charge reduced to peace bond

R v O.T. 2008
Theft and assault charges withdrawn

R.v. C.I. 2006
Charges withdrawn in drug possession case.

R. v. J.C. 2006
Drug trafficking charges dropped after challenge to police conduct during arrest and search of vehicle.

R. v. D.B. 2006
Charges of spousal assault dropped after extensive submissions to prosecutor.

R. v. P.V. 2006
Charges dropped in impaired driving case.

R. v. Q.D. 2006
Jail sentence avoided for second grow-op conviction.

R. v. G.T. 2006
Acquittal on charges of imp and over .08.

R. v. J.F. 2006
Not guilty on grow-op charges.

R. v. O.P. 2006
Not guilty of charges of trafficking narcotics.

R. v. J.H. 2006
Client granted conditional discharge for "road rage" assault offense resulting in no criminal record.

R. v. R.T. 2006
Charges withdrawn by Crown counsel in spousal assault case.

R. v. T.B. 2005
Successful challenge to 90-day Administrative Driving Prohibition for over .08 charge.

R. v. T.H. 2005
Client found not guilty of impaired driving and over .08.

R. v. M.H. 2005
Charges withdrawn by Crown counsel mid-way through trial on charges of impaired driving and over .08.