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Assault Charges

CRIMES OF VIOLENCE (assault - all types)

Crimes of violence include all types of assault, which are defined as an application or threat (by gesture) of physical harm - excluding the use of words. Crimes of violence include all types of assault. Assault is defined as an intentional application of force to another person without their consent. A criminal charge of assault can have serious legal consequences.

Several common defences are used to dispute charges of assault, including self-defence and consent. Retaining experience legal counsel ensures the best possible outcome. David Baker provides experienced and competent defence counsel to those accused of these crimes.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE / DOMESTIC ASSAULT (seeking a Stay of Proceedings or a 810 Peace Bond)

Though there is no Canadian Criminal Code provision which refers specifically to incidents of family violence, existing assault laws apply to cases of domestic violence. The term family violence includes situations of physical abuse, threats, harassment, stalking, and mental or emotional abuse.

Seeking experienced defence counsel is vital to achieving a favourable outcome in incidents of domestic violence. Having successfully defended hundreds of clients accused of domestic violence and assault, David Baker provides strong guidance to those accused of these crimes. If you or someone you know is accused of domestic violence, contact David today.


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