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Sexual offences involving children carry a great social stigma. If a person is convicted of Accessing or Possessing Child Pornography, a jail term is certain, due to mandatory minimum penalties. Those convicted are also required to register as Sex Offenders, which guarantees they will be branded forever, and are required to report to police whenever they change address or travel. Many countries refuse entry to persons who are Registered Sex Offenders.

It is essential that you obtain legal advice immediately before responding to any inquiry from police or employers. If you receive a call from police asking you to come in and answer questions, you should call me immediately. If you speak to the police or any person about the matter before speaking with a lawyer, you will likely strengthen the case against you.

Police have special training which makes them experts at extracting information from accused persons. You must exercise your right to remain silent and call me immediately. When you refuse to speak to police or provide a statement, it can never be used to make you appear guilty. If the police continue to ask questions, despite your refusal to answer, you must remain silent until you have a chance to speak with me, and I have an opportunity to deal with the police on your behalf.

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